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Storm-on-Storm: Earth Image of the Week November 16, 2012
Satellite image of snow in Metro NYC
Most of the snowfall seen here on November 9 quickly melted since the ground remained relatively warm.
Parts of the northeastern United States lashed and swamped by Superstorm Sandy in late October were blanketed by an early snowfall just over a week later.

The image to the right was captured by NASA’s Aqua satellite around midday on November 9, 2012. It shows the extent of snow cover in and around metropolitan New York City.

A U.S. National Weather Service forecast office reported that snowfall from the early November nor’easter was “considerably worse than forecast for portions of northern and central New Jersey,” but less than forecast in other areas.

The snowfall and accompanying bitter chill came as many along the New Jersey shore and adjacent parts of New York who were affected by the Sandy disaster were still living in temporary housing or without electricity.

While the nor’easter was described by meteorologists as a “garden variety” storm, its impact still managed to worsen the misery of those still recovering from the preceding superstorm.

Wind gusts of up to 65 mph were reported along the New Jersey coast, and were accompanied by minor coastal flooding. Similar conditions were also seen in parts of coastal New England.

The satellite image shows that northeastern New Jersey appears to have received the brunt of the nor’easter’s snowfall, but snow-covered ground is clearly visible in Staten Island, Manhattan, Long Island and parts of Upstate New York and Connecticut.

Full story and image: NASA